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Pain, redness, possible deterioration (cauliflower ear) , loss of hearing may be associated with flare-up due to swelling. Relapsing polychondritis is often misdiagnosed as infectious perichondritis of the ear. To assist diagnosis, note that the lobe is not effected by RP as it would be by an infectious disease.


Throat (Trachial and Bronchial)

Hoarseness, coughing, pain, redness in upper chest area. Symptoms similiar to Flu, asthma or bronchitis. More severe sypmtoms include shortness of breath, trouble breathing or choking.

Please note: Early throat involvement is often severe and may be life threatening. Emergency Trahceostomy may be required due to airway obstruction.

Warning: Bronchoscopy or intubation may cause irritation leading to reduced airflow. This irritation may take several hours after the procedure to appear. This does not appear to be a frequent occurance but you should use caution when returning home soon after such a procedure.

Pulmunary function tests are useful for monitoring airflow over a period of time. If you have RP but no Trach involvement you are still encouraged to have a PFT done to establish your airflow baseline.

For additional information about Bronchial Involvement.



General Pain with or without swelling.



Deterioration (saddle nose), sinus blockage, frequent and severe sinus headaches. Deterioration usually occurs slowly not noticed until compared to old photographs.
Saddle Nose



Blurred vision, headaches, scleritis or episcleritis.



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